Le Grand Bateau has taken the time to record the second official album (which ultimately became an EP of their best new numbers) called L’eau de vie. For this they have taken a new crew member on board in the shape of Jean-Marie Aerts (TC Matic, Absynthe Minded and others) who has taken on the responsibility for production. The songs were recorded at the ICP Studios in Brussels. Aerts succeeded in pointing up the personality of this group using the right sounds and the songs selected for the EP, and allowed them to record completely live… on tape (when J-M Aerts is in the studio, it’s the old school approach).

L’eau de vie sounds riper and slightly darker than La mesure, their first album, which was much more of a musical exploration. Their characteristic themes of fear, passion and loss still provide the undertone, but are accompanied by their distinctly spontaneous style.


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